7 Ways to Save on Your Renovation

Posted Jan 7th, 2015 in General

7 Ways to Save on Your Renovation

In an ideal world, everyone who walked into our offices here at Crawford General Contracting would have limitless access to funds.

They'd burst in and declare, “The sky's the limit! Don't hold back – let's make the Taj Mahal look shabby and uninspired!"

Unfortunately, we don't live in an ideal world. Most people have a budget – often a very strict one – when it comes to their renovation, and breaking it is a constant worry.

Here at Crawford General Contracting, we've realized over the years that The Budget is an unavoidable part of what we do.

But that it doesn't have to mean cheaping out. For us, it just means that some creative thinking is involved – and that keeps things interesting!

If you're approaching your project with a tight budget, not to worry. A beautiful, successful renovation is possible on almost any budget, if you're willing to be creative.

To help you stay on budget, here are 7 tips for thinking creatively to save on your next renovation project.

  1. Don't think big – think functional. Rather than pulling down walls in an effort to increase square footage, think about how you can use the space you already have more efficiently. Use vertical space, play with your layout, and even choose smaller appliances, for example. Not only will this decrease your environmental footprint, but you'll wind up with a more functional room at a much lower price.
  2. Install Light Tubes instead of windows for natural lighting. At Crawford General Contracting, we think light tubes are super cool. These nifty tubes can be placed between roof rafters to funnel natural light from above into your windowless bathroom or hallway. Much more affordable – and less disruptive – than installing new windows!
  3. Think about long term costs – is it worth cheaping out now, only to have to do the whole thing all over again in a few years? You can often save more in the long run by spending a little extra today. So hire skilled, professional contractors and invest in good quality materials to make sure that your reno stands the test of time.
  4. Limit recessed lighting. It takes a lot of effort and time to cut the holes, install the lights, and properly insulate them. You can cut back on labour costs simply by installing a wall or ceiling mount. These fixtures can be quite beautiful, and can add some extra style to your space, at a much more affordable price.
  5. Avoid moving sinks, toilets, etc., to cut down on plumbing costs. These procedures can often add substantially to your plumbing costs, so avoid them if possible. If it's not possible, take the opportunity of moving the fixtures to update your pipes – remember #3, and think of the long-term benefits.
  6. Cut down on delivery fees by picking up materials and goods yourself. Renting a truck can be much cheaper than hiring a service.
  7. Consider having your project done in the off season. Summer is high season for renovation work, and so is any time between September and Christmas. At Crawford General Contracting, we offer discounts for work done in the winter, when we're less busy!

At Crawford General Contracting, we want to help you make your renovation a success, no matter what your budget is. Call us today for an appointment to discuss your unique project needs.

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